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Pipe Fittings And Flanges Manufacturer In India

Stainless Steel Flanges


Stainless Steel Screwed Flanges are the ones with a screwed connection type that has threads in the bore. In places where the piping cannot be disassembled, the Stainless Steel Orifice Flanges can be used in two pieces to fit them together. Stainless Steel Square Flanges are mostly used in a pipe to component basis where they give an excellent hold with the component. We supply different pressure classes of flanges. For example the 150 SS Flanges that belong to the Stainless Steel Class 150 Flanges and other classes. Stainless steel flange manufacturers in India produce different types of flanges.

carbon steel flange


These are developed and produced in different shapes and forms. A105 Wnrf Flanges with their welded necks are good picks for piping with bending stress crack risk. A105 Carbon Steel Flanges cannot be used in extreme conditions because of the carbon steel material (WPL6, ASTM A694 F42, A694 F60). They can stand up to certain levels but not overtake the high chromium molybdenum alloy counterparts of them. The prominent difference in A105 And A350 Flanges is the normalization heat treatment and the strength as a result. Carbon Steel Reducing Flange is a special type of flange.

Alloy Steel Flanges


Alloy steel Flanges manufacturers in India produce different types of alloy steel flanges. There are alloy steel Flanges suppliers in Maharashtra as well. The alloy steel flange material (ASTM A182 F9, A182 F11) is a wide range of collection. There are different types and shapes involved in this collection. The alloy steel lap joint flange is the one with a stub end and a ring. The ring could be adjusted after welding the stub end to one of the pipe. ASTM A182 Hydraulic Sae Flanges is a alloy steel welded neck flange. The AS Class 300 Flange is a medium level pressure containment flange

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Get Stainless Steel Nut Bolt, Screws & Washers From Trusted Manufacturer in India, Exporter Of Forged Pipe Fittings.

MD Exports LLP Metal is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and PED Certified Manufacturer of High tensile fasteners, Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Alloy Steel Pipe Fittings, Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings. We manufacture Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts from M-20 till M-72 in inches and Unc from 3/4" to 3". In India MD Exports LLP is only SABIC approved Manufacturer of High tensile bolts and nuts in 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 grades. Stainless Steel Fasteners are known to offer higher tensile strength and good corrosion properties, while proving to be a cost efficient solution to most of our clients. Depending on our clients requirements, varying grades of alloys can be used in the manufacture of these stainless steel anchor bolts.

MD Exports LLP is one of the leading Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings manufacturers in India. We offer a competitive Stainless Steel Fittings Price List to our clients in all varieties. Our products include Stainless Steel Buttweld Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Seamless Fittings and more. The pipe fittings are accessories used in commercial, industrial and domestic piping where stainless steel pipes are involved. When the pipes cannot be made as a system, the pipes are connected by various fittings that serve various purposes. Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings manufacturers in India produce different fittings such as Reducers, Adapters, Couplings, Unions, Nipples, Elbows and more.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

We Are One of The India’s Largest Seamless And Buttweld Forged Fittings manufacturer Since 1991.

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Manufacturer of Buttweld Pipe Fittings, Forged Flange and Open Die Forging in India.

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Industrial Fittings for Onshore, Offshore, Wind-Mill Plant, Oil & Gas Industries, Refinery, Petrochemicals and many more.

Wide variety of Butt welding fittings

ANSI / ASME bends, reducers, orbital fittings, T- X- Y- pieces, caps and heads, T- and Y-bends, collars, branch saddles

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Check Updated Schedule 80 & sch 40 Steel Pipe Fitting Price List, Specialized in Industrial Piping Material, Buttweld Fittings manufacturer In India.

MD Exports LLP is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company 4rd Largest manufacturer of Seamless Tee, Reducer in Stainless And Carbon Steel. Buy piping accessories & components online.

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